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Tokyo Ginza Store

  1. STEP 01

    Please be sure to bring your passport and your flight ticket.
    (or any other proof that you are departing Japan.)

  2. STEP 02

    Please enjoy your shopping at LOTTE Duty Free Ginza.
    (located on the 8th and 9th floors of Tokyu Plaza Ginza.)

  3. STEP 03

    Please be sure to receive an Exchange Ticket after making a purchase.
    (Please keep your Exchange Ticket with you until your departure, since you may not be able to receive your purchased items if you lose your Ticket.)

  4. STEP 04

    After completing departure procedures at Haneda or Narita Airport, please pick up your purchased items at the “Duty Free Pickup Counter.”

  • ※ Please note that our service is available only for customers who depart Japan from Narita or Haneda Airport.
  • ※ You will need to present your passport and your flight ticket
    ( or any other proof that you are departing Japan.)


Pickup hours for your purchased items at your departing airport
  • Please be sure that a purchasing person will come to a designated delivery point “Duty Free Pickup Counter” one hour prior to your scheduled flight after finishing check-in and departure procedures.
  • Please note that you may not be able to receive your purchased items if you do not come to the counter one hour prior to your flight.
Restriction on carry-on luggage
  • There are rules and restrictions on the quantity, weight and size of carry-on luggage. Please make sure to check the rules and restrictions for your airlines in advance.
  • Your purchased items which are picked up at “Duty Free Pickup Counter” will be an additional carry-on luggage.
    If there is a possibility of exceeding the quantity, weight or size determined by the restrictions, please check in your carry-on luggage at an airline counter.
  • If your carry-on luggage exceeds the limit, your luggage may need to be checked in cargo compartment and there will be an extra charge. Please contact your airlines to confirm their rules and restrictions.
Your purchased items
  • Please note that we will not be able to accept any refund or exchange because of the customers' personal preferences.
  • If you change your flight, including departing date or airport, please let us know by 20:00 the day before your departing date.

For inquiries

Please feel free to make an inquiry below for changing flight schedule or any other questions.

8th and 9th floor, 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

TEL +81-3-6264-6860 (11:00~21:00)

E-MAIL lottedfsinfo@lotte.net

Duty Free Pickup Counter

Narita Airport
+81-476-34-4110 (06:30~11:00 / 21:00~22:00)
Haneda Airport
+81-3-6428-0096 (00:00~11:00 / 21:00~24:00)