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StarLounge suspension of business Notice

For prevent the spread of COVID-19, StarLounge decided to suspension of business. Period : 2020.11.24 ~ until further notice Location : Can not use the LVVIP/LVIP Lounge, StarLounge café & Event Hall (Drinks are served with Take-out service only.) ※We will always do our best for your health.


Main Store Star Lounge


STAR LOUNGE Lotte Duty Free Main Store Star Lounge

We invite you to Star Lounge,
the finest place exclusively open to the most distinguished
customers of Lotte Duty Free.

As the most spacious lounge in Korea,
composed of four VIP Rooms, Private Meeting Rooms,
Personal Shopper Rooms and Star Lounge Café
Star Lounge provides special offers
and prestigious services.
Please enjoy your time with sweet delicacies!

  • Location Lounge Floor (14th), Main Store of Lotte Duty Free
    • LVVIP, LVIPUse Star Lounge elevator across from the Korean gift desk on 10th floor
    • SPECIAL MEMBERSUse Star Lounge Escalator on 12th floor next to Y.S.L Store
  • Opening Hours 9:30 ~ 21:00
  • ※ Star Lounge is available exclusively to LVVIP and LVIP Members.
  • ※ VIP Rooms and services availability depends on your membership level.

Special Benefits for Star Lounge Guests

Major Benefit

Lounge access (2 hours per day)
Up to 4 people (including yourself) Up to 4 people (including yourself)
Welcome drink (once per day)
Up to 4 welcome drink Up to 4 welcome drink

Benefits of special membership

Lounge access (2 hours per day)
Eligible member with one guest Eligible member
Free beverage (once per day)
2 cups 1 cup
※ For special members only.

Star Lounge Café

Star Lounge Café provides various drinks and rest area for LDF VIP customers.

  • Location Lounge Floor, Lotte Duty Free Main Store
  • Opening Hours 9:30 ~ 21:00
  • ※ LAST ORDER : ~30minutes before closing of Duty free Main Store


  • Guests need to hold Star Lounge card and passport in order to enter Lounge and to receive welcome beverages.
  • The special member's rights can be used only by the registered member and cannot be transferred to a third party.
  • Please note that Star Lounge membership system operates separately from the Lotte Duty Free VIP membership system. Therefore, we do not offer special membership upgrade.
  • The special membership policies and benefits are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Use of lounge and Café may be restricted when Brand events are in progress.
  • No outside food or drinks allowed.
  • Only passengers 13 years old or older are allowed in the lounge.
  • Use of lounge may be restricted when interfering other customer’s relaxation or not complying with rules of lounge.